Daily Inspiration -- June 28, 2017

Although it is only human at times to react to people and situations with frustration or anger, there are better responses that bring harmony and happiness, both to you and to others. Even scientists recognize the harm we may cause to our bodies with such negative emotions, so it serves us well to make different choices when unexpected and unpleasant things arise. As Ralph Waldo Emerson wisely reminded us, “For every minute you remain angry, you give up sixty seconds of peace of mind.

What is true is that we are just as capable of touching that place of Spirit’s serenity within us, taking a moment to bring forth a harmonious response that disarms a person and balances the atmosphere. Anger is a strong emotion, and one that can disrupt the healthy function of our bodies; yet, compassion is stronger and can bring union where separation occurs and peace in place of turmoil. Once we recognize our True Power, we begin educating ourselves to respond rather than react, to see unity where there is divisiveness, and to bring greater health to ourselves and our environment.

Of course, this is a “re-training” process and one worth practicing, as Peace of Mind is a valuable goal to set and worth persevering in order to live a balanced, wholesome life. You may wish to use the following affirmation:

I live in the flow of tranquility today, maintaining my sense of unity with all and bringing kindness and compassion to every interaction.

May your Wednesday find you peaceful and powerful, and I’ll be with you again tomorrow.

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