Daily Inspiration -- October 20, 2017

All things bright and beautiful; all creatures great and small. How we love our fur, feather, and fin friends and desire all sentient beings to be treated with kindness and respect. Tomorrow we are inviting all creatures to a Pet Blessing, sponsored by our Center, and we expect to enjoy a variety of dogs, cats, bunnies, turtles, and whoever else may join us for this special ceremony. All these precious beings are cared for beautifully by their people, and we would have every animal in the world receive such attention and warmth; sadly, however, this is not the case. These valuable rituals can raise the consciousness of anyone unaware of the need to treat all beings with compassion, so it is time well spent to create these opportunities that let Love show the way.

Do unto others definitely includes animals as well as humans, and it is true that, As you sow, so shall you reap. So, let’s plant seeds of kindness, extend ourselves and open our hearts to taking an interest in uplifting the lives of those who cannot speak for themselves. Nearly ten years ago, a precious little four-year-old fur baby came into my life after wandering the streets for some time. She is sweet and sassy, happy and healthy, and I would have every creature in the world enjoy the life that our Yoga has and more people delight in such wonderful companionship. Adopting is not an option for many, but becoming more mindful about cherishing all forms of life most certainly is.

You may wish to use the following affirmation:

I revere and admire all forms of life and do my part today to bring kindness and compassion to all I may encounter.

Please enjoy your Friday, have a pleasant weekend, and I’ll be with you again tomorrow.

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