Daily Inspiration -- March 27, 2017

We hear and read much about “self-talk,” as our continuous, inner conversation tends to shape our outer experience. A negative statement, such as, “I am so clumsy,” or “I never get that right,” or any other potentially damaging thought, feeling, or statement, tends to produce unwanted results in our lives because our subconscious mind is always “listening in” on these conversations. It is not until we become aware of what we are telling ourselves that we are able to take back our power, reprogram our belief system, and produce more desirable results.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if everyone moved beyond the idea that we were meant to feel restricted or to be in any way impaired or kept from a life of happiness and creative expression? Once we claim our “divine inheritance,” we step into the sunshine of satisfaction on a journey of joy. It all begins with what we are telling ourselves. The moment we align our thoughts, speech, and action with God’s purpose for us, we become free of those erroneous ideas.

Let’s begin upgrading our inner conversations, using affirmative phrases like, “I walk in Grace,” or “Divine Wisdom guides my way,” or “I am intelligent,” “I am capable,” or, “I am loving and I am loved.” As immediate results tend to follow, we find how powerful this positive, inner discussion can be. You may wish to use the following affirmation:

I choose to think, feel, and speak in life-affirming ideas, feelings, and statements, aligning my consciousness with Truth and experiencing beautiful results.

Please have a marvelous Monday, and I’ll be with you again tomorrow.

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